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The escape...

For East Not East Festival

we're creating a private enclave

around The Temple in the heart of Wanstead Park.  

WANSTEAD PARK is 140 acres of  Grade II listed Parklands tucked into the suburbs of East London.  

It's a UNIQUE & MAGICAL place.  Amongst its wood and lakes are earth mounds and terraces that were once part of a magnificent formal landscape.  

The centre-piece was once the Palladian Wanstead House.  

Through the many twists and turns of history it was deconstructed brick-by-brick: only THE TEMPLE & GROTTO

The former grandeur of this site has morphed into a BELOVED COMMUNITY SPACE now a haven to much flora and fauna...  

...and now you can join us
to escape the city
without having to leave it.

...and how to find it

Only a quick walk from the nearest stations:

WANSTEAD (Central Line)


WANSTEAD PARK (Overground) 

TFL journey planner is here.    

Feel free to WALK or CYCLE

There will be NO PARKING.  

a sustainable festival

Nr. The Temple, 

Wanstead Park, 


E11 2LT

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