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What's it all about then?

So join us to escape the city without having to leave it...

A BRAND NEW DAY FESTIVAL taking place in the unique Wanstead Park on Saturday 15th July.  

AN INDEPENDENT PLATFORM event featuring live music, pop-up talks, curated debates and other performances.  

ALL  ACCOMPANIED by some of the finest food and drink our city has to offer.

WANSTEAD PARK is a much beloved community space neatly tucked into the suburbs of East London, rich in history and of immense local and national importance.

The perfect chance to escape the city without having to leave it.

EAST NOT EAST looks to combine Wanstead Park & East London’s rich legacy with what’s happening now & to support more brilliance to come... 

Why us, & why now?

We thought an event platforming our little part of East London's own mixture of arts, culture, food & drink was long over-due.  

Never liking to be all talk and no trousers, we decided to do something about it.  

We're local & have run one or two events in our time... from talks, tours, fundraising galas, pop-up supper clubs & local film festival: ‘Hitchcock’s Home’.  

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